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If you've had issues finding clothing that fits you we've created a solution to providing you with styles that you love fitted to your body. Work with a designer in creating fully customized styles based on inspirations provided by you. You choose the fabrics, trims, and detailing from options provided by a designer based on your inspiration and the details. We work with you to get the measurements, fit, and detailing just right. Sooner than you know, you'll be ready to show off your stylish customized pieces at your next event.

This custom design package is limited to 5 clients per year.

What's included:

One scheduled fit session to perfect fit of style(s).
One-on-one service to perfect the detailing of style(s).
Complete customization of your style(s) from choosing the fabrics, trims, and detailing provided by the designer.
Exclusive styling advice.
Fully customized style(s) designed and made in Los Angeles, California.

How it works:

Choose your style(s). 
You show us your inspiration of what you want to create exclusively for you.
Customize your style(s).
You choose the fabrics, trims, and detailing of your custom styles from options we provide to you based on your inspiration.
Made to your measurements.
Send us your measurements and we'll get started on your custom piece(s). 
Need help getting your measurements? 
Schedule an appointment with us to help you with gather your measurements. 
**Clients located outside of the Los Angeles will be assisted via an online video conference, or additional travel expenses will be applied for in-person assistance.
Fit to your body.
We'll cut and sew a sample and fit it to your body to ensure the perfect fit for you.
After the fit session your custom piece(s) will be made with any fit corrections and we'll begin work on finalizing your custom piece(s).
Work your style.
We'll let you know when your custom piece(s) are finalized.
Choose to schedule a pick-up or we can ship your pieces directly to you. 


How long will it take?:

Please allow a minimum of 3-6 months from start to finish. Quality and perfection is what we are striving for and providing you with the best service to ensure you love your new customized piece(s).
(Customized pieces are non-returnable after the completion of each project).

Ready to begin?

Contact me directly at to get started, or to help with any questions you may have.



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